Greg Douglass and the Sidewinders

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Ringer's Cocktail Lounge, 5517 Mission Rd # 2, Bonsall, CA 92003

RINGER'S! Yes, all caps because this is a new venue for us.. People drink (responsibly, of course), people scream, people dance, and, from what we hear, they PACK this marvelous venue..Missy, the manager and caretaker of this great piece of funkdom,, saw us recently and said, "This is the perfect place for you guys!!!" I believe her absolutely.. The drinks are poured with a strong and steady hand, the dancing is wonderfully crazy, and the band; ahhhh, the band of my dreams. We are fronted by Jesus Guillermoprieto, our vocalist deluxe; kicking my ass from the backfield we have my long-time friend & musical partner, Hector Toro on drums and vocals and the phenomenal gift to the bass, the one, the only, JD Pinckney. I formed the band as a tribute to my favorite guitarists: Jeff Beck, Dick Dale, Peter Green, slide whiz Sonny Landreth, Eric Clapton, players with endless amounts of heart and soul. Come early stay late (come on, 10 PM? You can do it!) See you there. Oh, two final words: Tip Jar. Bring cash. We deserve it. See you then!