Greg Douglass, Jesus Guillermoprieto, & Wild Rose

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Corporate Holiday Party, Carlsbad, CA

We've put together two members of the Greg Douglass Band and the lead singer for our Pompatus of Love Steve Miller Tribute band to liven up a corporate holiday bash right in the middle of beautiful, upscale Carlsbad. Looking for a band for YOUR next event? We've got a combination for every size and energy level!

Greg & Rose 2019 Holiday House Concert

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The Harmony House, 19345 3rd St., Escondido, CA 92029

Once a year, Rose and Greg from the Greg Douglass Band hang up their rock'n'roll duds and go all yuletide on their friends and fans. It's intimate, warm, heartwarming and ....quite often....funny as hell. Last year's crowd said, "Now, THAT was the best holiday show you guys ever did!" Wrong; this year we'll be older, wiser, and as wild as our creaky joints will allow.

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Greg Douglass Band

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Hacienda de la Vega, 162 S. Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Ca.

Rock your holiday in with a big "Feliz Navidad" as the Greg Douglass Band puts you on the dance floor with the best classic rock around plus some holiday music to get you in the mood! It's our first time at this location so let's rock together !

Greg Douglass-Solo Guitar

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Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living , 331 East Elder Street , Fallbrook, CA 92028

Fallbrook has become a musical hub and nothing makes a spiritual celebration better than sounds shared by a roomful of people. I'm honored to have been asked by the Hilltop Center to share my vision of the the guitar, the instrument that has defined my life. People think of me as a rock and roll musician but my first love has always been finger style acoustic. (I've opened up on tours with Leo Kottke, David Lindley, John Hammond Jr., and Dave Mason as a soloist .) Come join me on Sunday, 12/22/19 as I rekindle my love of the instrument that kissed me on the cheek one day at the music store and whispered, "Take me home, big boy.I'm all yours." It's been a love affair for 50+ years now.

Greg Douglass Band-NEW YEAR'S EVE BLAST!

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Harry's Sports Bar & Grill, 125 S. Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Last year, we had an EPIC New Year's Eve show at Harry's in Fallbrook. The band put out more energy than a perpetual motion machine on Adderal. Some audience members took days to recover (reportedly, one particularly enthusiastic audience member will be recovered just in time for this year's celebration, thanks to its of therapy.) Seriously: this is THE show to be at this year when it's time to buy a new day planner. We are going to stun you with the sheer force and power of our collective energy. OK, OK, Greg has 4 platinum albums and an honorary membership to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the rest of the band...Wild Rose (Vocals), Hector Toro (Drums & Vocals) and the hardest working man in show business, Joe Hastings (vocals & bass) will push Greg into coronary territory. Cancel those plans to hear those other weeny bands and be bowled over by the sheer force and experience : almost 200 years of collective blood, sweat and overcoming the odds with the coolest Classic Rock band around! Oh...and Harry's is an experience not soon to be forgotten.