Six String Society Xmas Showcase featuring Greg Douglass & Sherri Anne

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Hilltop Center, 331 E. Elder St, Fallbrook, CA 92028

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Kenneth Rexrode has made everyone's favorite holiday complete with yet another Six String Society Christmas show. This is the third Yuletide guitar celebration I've participated in and I fully expect it to be another gem. I'll be doing a set with the immensely talented Sherri Anne of Sister Speak and...if this is like other Six String Society shows...will probably be floating in and out of various wonderful musical situations. Lots of talent, including the lovely and talented Patric Petrie, Jillian Calkins, Jerod Dulaney, Missy Andersen, and....much, much more. It's a gorgeous venue and a grand way to kick off your holiday month. I'm on my way out to the woodshed right now to start adding some shine to my Christmas carol chops. Check below to buy tickets online....and get 'em now; these shows tend to sell out post haste. So; listen to Uncle Greg:

"The show will be great, That's a lead-pipe cinch So snag tickets quickly Or you'll end up a Grinch"

See you there!