By George! What a show! The music of George Harrison by the By George! Band. A seated show, for grown-ups and immature reprobates alike. (I'll be there, after all.) Special guests include rockabilly guitar monster Buzz Campbell, Jocko Marcellino of Sha-Na-Na fame and yours truly. I sat in with these guys last year and it was thremonucelar. I'm driving 2,000 miles round-trip for this so don't you dare miss it!

Ticket Price: $18 advanced / $21 day of show / $32 reserved loft seating (available over the phone 858-481-8140 or in person at the BUT box office.)

The Music of Steve Miller Played by Greg Douglass & Band

 — (BST, UTC+01) — (BST, UTC+01)

Dimbola Lodge, Terrace Lane, Freshwater PO40 9QE,, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

The lift-off show for what has become the annual tour of the UK for Greg Douglass and his amazing UK musical pals. The Dimbola Museum and Galleries are located in Dimbola, that was the Isle of Wight home of the Victorian pioneer photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Beautiful and historic venue, with a near life-sized statue of Jimi Hendrix out front, commemorating his historic performance at the Isle of Wight Festival many moons ago. Will post gig info when it becomes available. This venue ALWAYS sells out so I'll be promptly posting info when it becomes available.

Venues are being added as you read this to the 2024 Greg Douglass UK Tour! This just got added and it's a beautiful venue indeed, in a lovely city. Will share further information about ticket prices and times when they become available. In the meantime, consider yourselves warned. My killer UK band is like a sneeze; you know it's coming but you can't stop it. The great Steve Browning on bass, the wonderfully talented Rob Beckinsale on vocals, keyboards and guitar, and our newest member Bernie Fox on drums. Watch this space!

A remarkable venue in the lovely town of Cardigan, UK. Yes, it's the place where the wool comes from for those warm, comfortable sweaters and, yes, I'll be buying one for my wife. The venue is indeed in a warm and comfortable cellar. I've played there several times now and it's just wonderful, great ambience and a killer sound system. the band is always at its best here. More information...ticket prices, ticket links, times, what Greg will be wearing under his trousers and other pertinent information will be shared as it comes in.