Four platinum records; 15 million units sold; 50+ years of experience in the music business... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Greg Douglass and  has a LOT to offer you.

There's The Pompatus of Love, a Steve Miller Tribute Band featuring one of the the Space Cowboy's key players (Greg worked with Steve from 1976 through 1981 and co-wrote the hit "Jungle Love"), in a show designed for larger venues; big clubs, theater shows, casino main stages and outdoor festivals. All the Miller classics are here, plus a few surprises from the early albums. 

A tribute band with an original band member? That's as close to the Real Deal as it gets!

And look out! Keep your snake eyes open! There's Greg Douglass and the Sidewinders, featuring San Diego's finest players paying homage to the great guitar music of the last 6 decades. It gives Greg the chance to channel everyone from Dick Dale to Jeff Beck to Eric Clapton...oh, and the vocalists sing the hell out of the tunes too. It's a perfectly balanced show of surf, rockabilly, slide (Vintage Guitar Magazine stated "On electric, acoustic, lead, and rhythm, Douglass' taste and tone shine. But on slide, he belongs in the ranks of the very best." )

We also offer the San Francisco Nights Show, a history of Greg's career, where you get to hear selections from all the bands Greg's worked with, from Van Morrison to Hot Tuna to Paul Butterfield to Eddie Money to Steve Miller to...hell!!! It's the coolest music history lesson you'll ever have!!!

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The Pompatus of Love tears it up at the world-famous Belly-Up Tavern to a sold-out house. This is part of our annual Father's Day concert. Check our Shows to see where the Pompatus or San Francisco Nights are playing and get tickets in advance!!!!

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