MEMBER, ROCK'N'ROLL HALL OF FAME, CLASS OF 2016!    

                                                                         THE GREG DOUGLASS BAND

                            Call (760)212-3648 or email gregdouglassguitar@gmail.com for booking
                                                                       "THE BEST ELECTRIC GUITARIST I'VE EVER SEEN!"-
                                                                           Steve Tilston, Legendary UK Recording Artist

 "The years Greg spent working with big names like Steve Miller and Van Morrison are in evidence from the second his world class band kicks into their first song. The capacity crowd was there from start to finish, rewarding the group with two encores. Nice people as well, fun and easy to work with."  -Courtney Jones, booking agent at Old 395 Saloon in Fallbrook, CA

"The Greg Douglass Band is one of the greatest bands that we had play at the Eagle's Nest. Greg, Hector, Joe & Rose are truly the best! If you want to listen to real classic rock the way it was supposed to be played, you don't want to pass up the chance to catch this amazing band."- Lucy Bosworth, Owner of The Eagle's Nest, Valley Center, CA

                                            GREG TOURED & RECORDED FOR:
  • STEVE MILLER (co-wrote & played guitar on the hit single "Jungle Love"; earned 5 platinum albums and sold 12 million units)
  • GREG KIHN (played on the #1 hit "Jeopardy") 
  • VAN MORRISON, EDDIE MONEY, TOM JOHNSTON (Lead Singer of the Doobie Brothers)
  • PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND, BO DIDDLEY and DEVA PREMAL, the number one mantra/meditation music singer in the world.

      After 20 years of playing in the San Diego area, Greg found three other players that were
an ideal fit for a great band, both musically and personally. The band, in all its combinations, has been a smash everywhere they've played. They are available as a rocking 4-piece, a duo with Greg & Rose, and Greg as a solo acoustic guitarist.
LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC PAGE. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEOS. SEE WHAT COMBINATION WORKS BEST FOR YOUR EVENT! With our decades of collective experience, we're ready to work with you and get your audience to dance up a storm, or to enhance a quiet, romantic evening
with soft, gorgeous mood music.

                               ALSO IN THE GREG DOUGLASS BAND;

  •      ROSE GILL (aka "Wild Rose")-Vocals & Guitar: Rose and Greg met due to a series of happy accidents, and her voice and stage presence were the catalysts that manifested in the formation of the present band. Rose is, quite simply, as good as it gets. Her technique is impeccable, her musical sensibility unparalleled, and each  note she sings is genuine and heartfelt.  She has the innate confidence that comes only from decades of experience and thousands of live shows. Audiences trust and fall in love with her. She is an absolute gem; Greg, the band, and the thousands of lucky people who hear her every year, are blessed to be able to experience Rose's amazing talent.                                                                                                    
  •     HECTOR TORO-Drums & Vocals: Hector and Greg are both products of the San Francisco music scene and, unbeknownst to both of them, played on the same shows many times during the Eighties when Greg was the guitarist for the Greg Kihn Band and Hector drummed for Paul Collins and the Beat, a popular power-pop recording and touring band. Hector is a musical fountain, a solid drummer who always lays down the perfect groove for any musical situation, and an amazing vocalist capable of singing anything from Eighties pop to funky Southern Rock to heart-rending Van Morrison ballads. Greg has stated, "I can go to outer space on a solo, and Hector will always be there to guide me gently back to Earth. If Hector didn't exist, I'd pay somebody big bucks to invent him." He's the heart of the band and is a powerhouse live performer.
  •     JOE HASTINGS-Bass & Vocals: - Joe and Greg played together for 15 years in a corporate band and when Greg started his own project, no one but Joe could have completed the musical package the guitarist had envisioned. Joe is a creative, groove-oriented bassist (his bass work on Greg's hit song "Jungle Love" is stellar!) and a first-rate vocalist as well. His voice is a perfect blend with Rose and Hector, making for some amazing three-part harmonies, and his lead vocals are a highlight of the set. (His channeling of Doobie Bros. vocalist Tom Johnston is particularly astonishing.) Joe and Hector lock together into a rhythm section whose groove and feel is unbeatable. Once Greg grabs onto the groove  and starts ripping and roaring on the guitar, and Rose's vocals soar  on top of it all, it's magic time; the dance floor never empties when the Greg Douglass Band gets their game on.



                                                    Got a REALLY large event? We can augment our basic four-piece line-up!   
                                         Got something smaller in mind? The Greg Douglass/Wild Rose Duo is
                                           for more intimate affairs. Greg is also available as a solo instrumentalist and as a  
                                                    speaker/instructor for seminars. See our contact info below.

                                              "We are four musicians with almost 200 years of experience between us.
                                         We are total, complete pros. Whatever the situation is, we've got it covered, so..
                                                                       relax and enjoy the music."- Greg Douglass 
                                                                         CONTACT US TODAY AT            
                                                           (760)212-3648 OR gregdouglassguitar@gmail.com

      MAILING LIST(S)-Sign up on our web page or contact Rose at 
wildrose.cox@gmail.com to be on one  or both of our lists! Our set list is ever-expanding, never miss a gig! Always new surprises in store!


                     Live video of the Greg Douglass Band's smoking version of "Rocky Mountain Way" live
                                      at the Venice Beach Music & Arts Festival in September, 2015  


    Hittin' on all cylinders! 

    It's the second week of July, 2015, and the band is kicking into high gear. We've got a ton of new material, including our never-to-be-equalled by anyone-ever Cowbell Medley. What are the top four cowbell tunes ever? Who is the ballsiest band ever for having attempted to put 'em all together? Check out our calendar and find out for yourselves! Come see us live; we are working on new places to play and the chance to blow new people away. (This band conquers every room we play to; absolutely amazing chemistry with this bunch!) 


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    Celebrating 50 Years of Great Music with Greg Douglass & his All-Star Band

     —  —

    Belly Up Tavern, 143 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

    The set list for my Father's Day celebration of 50 years in the music business is packed with amazing music from an eclectic bunch of amazing artists I've worked with over the last....good lord!...FIVE decades? There'll be "Embryonic Journey" from my Hot Tuna days, "Pride of Man" from my years with John Cippolina, "Trinidad", a tune i wrote & recorded with Eddie Money, tunes from my latest CD with singer extraordinaire Michael Muldoon, and, of course, tons of Steve Miller hits, including my co-write mega-hit, "Jungle Love". 50 years and still sweating and rocking hard every single week of every single year until ....the day you can only enjoy me on whatever sonic medium is in vogue. In the meantime: don't miss this show! Special Father's Day bargain priced tickets so...no excuses. And it's the Belly Up, for God's sake! The best place to hear music in Southern California!


    Greg Douglass Band

     —  —

    Landings Carlsbad Airport, 2198 Palomar Airport Road #100, Carlsbad, CA 92011

    We've been playing at Landings for over four years and we're still going strong! Great food, a friendly service staff, and the best bands in North County, including ....well, us! You'll hear the best in classic rock from the Greg Douglass Band, from the Sixties to the "Turn of the Century" and, as always, a few surprises. (NOBODY puts together medleys like the GDB!!!) Worried about the weather? Michelle , Landings' lovely and professional owner, makes her own weather system with her strategically placed heat lamps. Feed all your senses in absolute comfort.We are high-miler, experienced musicians playing high-energy rock: come enjoy the party. Get there early: seats fill up quickly!