Greg Douglass and the Sidewinders

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Old Del Dios Firehouse: NEW YEAR'S EVE GIG IS NOT HAPPENING!!!! READ NOTE BELOW!!!!!, Middle of Nowhere, Nowhere, CA

NOTE ABOUT CANCELLED SHOW: Greg hooked up with a third party concert promotion company, then realized it was far too complicated. (They started asking for my income tax information....among other personal information that should have been proprietary.) I unsubscribed, told them I was out, end of story. Then came the emails: "What's this about a show in Del Dios?" I looked on Google and it was all over the place. I have contacted the company but the genie is out of the bottle...and the show is not happening. I will be sitting at home at midnight but I will be sitting at the library in the firehouse building just in case anyone shows up. If you have already bought an advance ticket, please let me know and I will find a way to refund your money. I deeply apologize for the confusion. I love our fans deeply and I am superstitious about not playing on New Year's Eve; no bueno...but life tosses confusing curves at us from time to time. My apologies and I hope you find somewhere great to go for the cusp between 2022 and a hopefully happier and more sane 2023. My personal email is and my Hot Line is (760)212-3648.