SHOW CANCELLED! See you next year! The Pompatus of Love featuring Greg Douglass! New Year's Eve Blowout!

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North Bar Escondido, 200 W El Norte Pkwy #7, Escondido CA 92026

******BUMMER!!!! DUE TO LACK OF TICKET SALES, WE'VE HAD TO CANCEL THE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH AT NORTH BAR ESCONDIDO. Sorry, guys! STEVE MILLER BAND/POMPATUS OF LOVE FANS! Single tickets are $35 each. Or...if you're cruisin' for a bargain, close this post and scroll down to the Special Couples Post; same great event, $60 per couple, saving you 20 bucks. Or come as a double-date...that's two couples purchasing four tickets at once; saving $40. My math sucks but that's good deal! So.....what are you going to see at the coolest New Year's Eve event in the known universe? New Year's Eve is always "party ''til your eyeballs pop out" time but The North Bar Escondido and The Pompatus of Love have joined up for an over-the-top, historical evening. Mike, the owner of the North Bar, has been taking care of his loyal customers for 30 years. and he's pulling out all the stops this New Year's Eve with a band led by a guitarist who's a picker, a grinner, a lover, and...yes...occasionally a sinner. Together , Mike & Greg are going to give you the best New Year's Eve ever, with all the trimmings (a midnight champagne toast, a Taco Bar and a band that'll melt your ears.) The band rocks like a volcano.This is a band that honors the Steve Miller Band (as well as a truckload of your favorite guitar-driven smoking rocks heroes.) in a special way. The bandleader, Greg Douglass, played with Steve at his peak, 1976-1981, co-wrote the mega-hit "Jungle Love", has five platinum albums representing 18 million sales, is an honorary member of the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, the age of at the top of his game musically. Great stories, too; you live as long as Greg has, you know where all the bodies are buried. So...who else will grace the stage? We've got JD Pinckney, the Bionic Bass Player, a freak of nature. Joining JD in creating a massive jurassic pulse is drummer/vocalist Hector Toro. Our lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist is the Latin dynamo, Jesus Guillermoprieto and...this is the icing on the cake...we have Karen "KT" Trapane. Wait until you hear her wail through the Stones' "Gimme Shelter". KT is nature in the raw. There'll be excellent food, a champagne toast at midnight, and dancing at the North Bar This is a high-class New Year's Eve at bargain prices: $35 for single ticket.s (That's 1/3 of what other venues are charging) for a single world-class concert/party-til-you-drop experience. (If you're bringing a date...or a group of hard-core partiers....close this post and scroll down to the next post where bargain tickets are available for couples or groups.) It is highly suggested that you buy your tickets in advance. The link to purchase tickets is right below. It's38 days away from the show and tickets are selling. insanely fast! Tear yourself away from Netflix because bar owner Mike Bickle and guitarist Greg Douglass promise you the best New Year's Eve show ever.And would we lie to you? Exactly. See you there!!!!