Wedding Event; Greg Douglass; Solo Acoustic Guitar

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North County, Wedded Joy Avenue, Til Death Do Us Partville

I have played a lot of weddings; I do the whole deal, "Canon in D" while the bridesmaids glide up the aisle in preparation for the main event, "The Wedding March" as the bride floats up to her smiling, forever man, and even the "Recessional" as everyone slips into the future to an adoring crowd of family and friends. But once in awhile... This is for dear friends of mine, people who hold a special place in my heart. It's going to be quite unlike anything I've ever done. (Of course, I'm still charging them. I love them but the baby still needs shoes at my house.) I'm honored to be asked to participate on this one. (I'm available for other weddings too but...first things first. Goodbye virus, hello destiny.