The Music of Woodstock

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Moonlight Amphitheater, 1250 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, CA 92084

A celebration of the musical and cultural event that changed the way the world looked at music. It was the apex of a musical explosion that started in 1963 and continued to morph into a multiplicity of genres and sub-genres. Half-a-million people peacefully co-existed for three days and...OK, enough of the music history lesson. Come see the cream of the crop of local players, including organizer Leonard Patton,( a truly amazing vocalist,) the incredible singer Whitney Shay, singer/songwriter, living legend, and raconteur Gregory Page, and an amazing line-up of local players and singers. And, yes, I will be playing guitar throughout the evening. (I couldn't make the original show but now, at the age of 71, I get to be part of a top-of-the-food chain celebration of the event.) GET TICKETS NOW: it's sure to sell out quickly. So...dig out your tye-dyed t-shirt and feel the energy and joy of your favorite music without the rain and the mud. And don't take the brown acid.

Reserved Seats; $35.00 ; Lawn Left $40.00