CANCELLED-Spontaneous Spirits of San Diego

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Cafe 21 Gaslamp, 802 Fifth Ave, San Diego CA

*SHOW CANCELLED FOR REASONS THAT SHOULD OBVIOUS TO ALL OF US. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT FUN BUT....WE NEED TO KEEP OUR FRIENDS AND AN AUDIENCE FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD SAFE. ROSE AND I SEND OUR LOVE. A rare case of something cool arising from something....not so cool. Like, for instance, that dang Covid virus. Sherri Anne and Sister Speak were booked for this Sunday at Cafe 21 but due to an upcoming tour that has been compromised by this awful epidemic, Sherri had to cancel and will be unable to make the Sunday show. The band rallied and will be playing with a quartet consisting of bassist Jakob Miranda, percussionist Kimo Shimm, guest singer Wild Rose from the Greg Douglass Band and Greg Douglass, the "ex-Steve Miller guy" on lead and acoustic guitar. Let's all practice safe social distancing, enjoy the healthiest food in San Diego, and experience some joy amongst the necessary cautions.