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Landings Carlsbad Airport, 2198 Palomar Airport Road #100, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Seven years ago, we tottered into this magical spot as a brand new band. Our main claim to fame was having Steve Miller's ex-guitar player in the band. Now? Every person on that patio is a star in their own right; Wild Rose is the ball of energy that keeps the band moving with her vocals and her kick-ass personality. Hector Toro, our drummer & vocalist, is a much sought-after, top of the food chain player and we're lucky to have him. Most our secret weapon, Joe Hastings, a great bassist and vocalist, and the machine that keeps the band together musically and technically. ("Joe! The entire PA went up in a ball of flame!" "Gimme a second. I've got a paper clip and chunk of aluminum foil. I'll fix it." Greg Douglass plays guitar, has numerous platinum albums, and is lucky to have the best band in Southern California. Come join us the second Friday of each month to see why we're still here after 2/3 of a decade!!!